Architects, Engineering and Construction Projects

All-in-One Reality Capture

  • Construction documentation
  • Streamline workflows
  • Construction management
  • Safety & Security Measures
  • Document every step of the project

As-Built Drawings

  • Easily Create Point Clouds & OBJs
  • Import into any CAD software
  • Take measurements from every angle

Construction Documentation

  • One file replaces 1,000's of photos
  • Effective communication with key stakeholders
  • Permanent, annotated records at every milestone

Watch this short video for some great reasons to consider FreezeFrame360 to showcase your project.

Supercharge your Business Exposure


Stand out among your competitors with a modern and engaging virtual walkthrough. Our special embedded tags can link directly to booking pages, product info, menus and videos. So if a customer likes the look of what you have to offer, they are only a click away from booking it. 

Be a Show-Off


Along with the fluid virtual walkthrough model, we can easily create photo realistic 3D dollhouse views and floor plans. Giving online users access to explore a house, school, hotel, restaurant or retail showroom  has never been easier!  

Get More Likes


Instantly increase your social media, reach and improve your conversion rate. 92% of online users are liking and sharing video content with others.  When a user has an opportunity to become immersed in your space, they feel a connection that they want to share with friends.

This technology will allow you to complete designs in hours that would have otherwise taken weeks

Watch this video for how HGMA is using Matterport to create Point Cloud Data for import into their CAD software to streamline their time to create models for their workflow.