Insurance Industry and Property Damage Documentation

documenting the damages

Preserve The Loss


Adjusters, Agents, Public Adjusters, Underwriters and Homeowners can now capture inventory and property data in visually rich, immersive 3D.  Team members can walk damaged properties as if they were there, taking measurements and capturing images. 

How will this help my claim?


  1. Document contents
  2. Archive claims
  3. Document loss data
  4. Assist in the supplement process

Sample Property Loss Video

Navigate the above Video by using your mouse



Use your mouse to move from room to room and look up at the ceiling and down to the floor.  You can also zoom in and out to show damage. 

Tagging Damages


 Pins can be added to highlight damages and quality/type of material. This can be crucial in proving a loss with above average materials. 

Proving the Loss


 This is indisputable evidence to prove a loss. You can share the link with the insurance adjuster, or anyone else needed to point out damages and document a claim. 



 Snapshots can be taken from within the 3D video. This can be helpful when pointing out the extent of damages and the proper repair method. 

Taking Measurements


 You have the ability to take measurements from within the 3D video to show accurate room sizes, height of ceiling, etc. 

Floor Plans


 The 3D video creates a floor plan which can  used for room dimensions.  Also available is a schematic of the property. 

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